Back to school is sure not cool

But you know what is cool? The fact that Cow Vintage, an amazing shop in Manchester, is relocating and all the old stock is in clearance! Oh happy days. I may not have been keen to welcome September but cheap clothes are always fab.

Especially in the form of two vintage Ralph Lauren tops for £5 each!! I’m wearing one of them today and I love it…

IMG_3504You may also notice that may hair has changed colour. I had to get rid of the electric blue dip dye for school, so I went ‘Cosmic Blue’ (by Schwarzkopf) instead. However, the blue sheen has washed out and left my locks pretty much just black.


My jeans are Topshop Mom jeans. My belt is another buy from the Cow sale. I absolurely love this style of old belts, but it can be a challenge to find one that fits since I usually punch extra holes in my belts – which isn’t possible with this type – but I happened to find one that was the perfect fit and cost me only £1! It’s vintage Coach, another good find!


My shoes are a new pair of Dr Martens, called Polley shoes, that I got for school. They are so cute and I love wearing them at the weekend as well. Here I’ve paired them with some zig-zag Topshop dress socks.

polley docs IMG_3583 My sister has also dyed her hair, ‘Cyber Purple’ also by Schwarzkopf for anyone who wants to know.

IMG_3585Her shoes are also Dr Martens – the classic 1461’s. I used to wear a pair of these for school and still have mine too, they’re brill. She’s wearing them with a sweet little pair of frilly Topshop socks.

The jacket is one of mine – Morgan denim from a charity shop. Her top and leggings are H&M.


I hope you like that little ‘back-to-school- themed outfit post. Have a nice week at school or work!


Currently listening to:

Unknown Pleasures – Joy Division (And I might buy the top with this album cover design on tonight, I love it)

My 6 weeks of freedom

It feels like a million years since I’ve emerged with a new post on this blog, back at the start of the summer holidays. Now it’s the last day before school *desperate sobbing* and I think it’s time to reflect on the past 6 weeks.

I thought I’d do a series of photographs from the summer, mostly scans of my film photos. I haven’t been able to post regularly over the holidays due to extreme business, so here’s a general update of a few of my recent excursions.


First day of summer! Ft. my friend on a bridge




Light on water






Little sister in a tree




Posing in the park. Top – H&M, Skirt – New Look, Shoes – Dr Martens, Sunglasses – Forever 21

logs and docs

Posing in the park. Top – H&M, Jeans – Topshop, Shoes – Dr Martens

behind bars yo

Behind bars

turtle pants



Blue dip dye! One of my first ventures of the summer, rebelliously done just before I finished school


Shadow play




Headland walks



Canoeing at sundown

Canoeing at sundown


These photos are a little dodgy as they were taken with a slightly unpredictable waterproof disposable, but I kinda like that look.


Beach, late afternoon


New vintage shirt! Purchased at a cool little shop in Manchester of which I do not know the name.

evening swim

Paddling at dusk


Reeds are cool



I hope you liked that random little montage.

I sometimes end my posts with songs that I think fit the mood of the post or what I was listening to at the time, but I don’t know where to start when it comes to the summer holidays! I listened to all sorts and could recommend songs for hours, but I must dash. For now, I’ll say that Santana songs are great for car journeys with the windows rolled down in the sunshine! I do love a bit of Santana.

Best wishes for everyone going back to school.


Day in, day out

It’s a great time of year. The weather’s fab (mostly), school is up, and just before I finished the term I completed my first week of work!

I dipped in to the world of work with a one-week placement at a multi-media production company in Manchester – it was great! I thought I’d do a blog post to show you what I wore throughout the week.

So, if you’re unsure what to wear to meet a ‘smart-casual’ dress code for work this summer, maybe this could give you some ideas?

Day 1green dress and jacket

little green dress accessories

Dress – Stella Morgan at Affleck’s Palace

Denim jacket – Charity sop, originally Morgan (a different Morgan!)

 Shoes – Dr Martens from Office

Necklace – a souvenir shop on holiday


Day 2
breton top
full outfit trioyellow docs

Breton top – Primark

Jacket – Morgan, as before

Trousers – Topshop

Bag – New Look

Shoes – Dr Martens from eBay


 Day 3

lbd and jacket

lbd close-ups black docs

Dress – Primark (just £5!)

Jacket – Morgan, as before

Shoes – Dr Martens from Office, as before

Socks – Topshop

Watch – Floozie

Necklace – souvenir shop on holiday, as before


Day 4

blouse and trousers



Top – Topshop

Trousers – Topshop, as before

Watch – Floozie, as before


Day 5

stripy blouse and trousers

Jach's Girlfriend

Top – Jach’s Girlfriend at TK Maxx

Trousers – Topshop, as before


I hope you enjoyed this post.


This is the life!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but exam revision has pretty much sucked any free minutes out of my life for the last few weeks. However, I did go on a wonderful holiday at the end of May, and I thought I would share with you some pictures before I post about anything else.

We stayed in a beautiful villa in southern France, an area called Lot-Et-Garonne.

day 1

I think that this is from the first day of the holiday. My shorts and top are from Topshop. My sunglasses are Forever 21.


If you are interested, my hat is from H&M, my bikini top is from M&S and my skirt is from Miss Selfridge.



Hat – H&M. Sunglasses – Forever 21

market stall

Awesome market stall!


I love this dress! My granny brought it back from India. The hat, again, is from H&M. The jelly shoes are from Tilly London on eBay.

another village

Man I just love the villages there! As for clothing in these pictures, my sister’s pink dress is from TK Maxx, my stripy dress is from Yumi, my jacket is from Avant Premiere, my leggings are from H&M and my shoes are Dr Martens.

village how pretty motorbike details

restaurant again

We went to this really cool restaurant where everything was white and grey. It was quite overwhelming to walk in to this rustic haven of snowy white, although it looks quite different on camera.

restaurant docs and trucks sunsetIt was such a lovely holiday. If you ever get the chance to visit the countryside in France, do! The villages and views are beautiful. Also, the skies are very clear at night away from cities, so you get an amazing view of the stars!

But really, you can make wonderful memories wherever you are. The best things about the holiday for me was the people I was with. I spent the week amongst my closest friends and family, and we had so much fun doing all sorts from swimming at midnight in the dark whilst Pixies played from the poolside; going on walks at night to look at the stars; cooking meals together, speeding down country lanes with windows down and music blaring; dancing and singing; making our own tournaments of obstacle courses and three-legged races across the fields and between the vineyards. All of it we did together; kids and adults alike.

My point is, spending time with your family and your friends makes you feel so good! Do it, wherever, whenever. Holidays are good opportunities to completely unwind and have fun, but you can make fun anywhere!

So go do it!


Can you see a pattern here?

I decided to wear a patterned pencil skirt yesterday and from then on, patterns were springing up everywhere.

patterns everywhere Above:

  • New book I’m reading, can’t say much about it because I’ve not read much, but it’s kinda cool so far. It stood out to me in the charity shop because of its fab cover!
  • Phone holder – I think this was £1/2 in Primark and it’s so cute and makes me feel like 50s film star when I swish around with it (like Audrey, who is a big style icon for me, and if you don’t know, today would have been her 85th birthday, so happy birthday Audrey!)
  • My Floozie watch with a little bird that says ‘time flies’
  • My skirt, from New Look

It was such a lovely day, spent almost exclusively in my Granny’s back garden, feasting, playing croquet and spending the night in the summerhouse.

repeated pattern

My little sister is so good at capturing jumps in photos!

I am having such a lovely, bright bank holiday weekend. I am so ready for summer now! Have a lovely day off tomorrow my dear reader.


The style of celebration, the celebration of style

So, the other week I wrote about an engagement ceremony I went to before a wedding. I wanted to share some pictures from the wedding the day after, and now I’ve got round to it.

Firstly, I’d like you to know that Nigerian weddings offer some AMAZING views and inspiration from a fashion point of view.

If you don’t know, it is a Nigerian tradition to wear something called aso ebi, which is where outfits are made out of the same fabric for special events. At weddings, you usually buy this from the bride a while before the wedding, so you have time to make a personal outfit from it. You can make whatever you want, and it’s so cool to see everyone’s different creations! I love the concept.


Here is the mother of the bride, the sister of the bride, me and then the father of the bride. As you can see, me and my friend (the sister) are wearing the same fabric, which was the chosen fabric for the wedding.


There are so many different things you can do with the fabric!


I love the trouser styles above. Now I really want some patterned cigarette/peg style trousers!

IMG_1196 IMG_1204As you can see, there were all sorts of other elaborate fabrics present at the wedding. They were all so lovely. Often a family would be wearing clothes out of matching fabric, or two friends – like the bride’s parents in the first photo.

IMG_1205 IMG_1184 IMG_1183

So pretty.

All the above images were taken by me or my friend. My photos are a bit poor and I don’t think I did the incredible event justice, I could have taken some much nicer ones. Unfortunately, I a) felt a bit uncomfortable taking photos of strangers and b) most of the time I was using my camera for filming again.

Screenshots of film are generally pretty bad quality, but here’s one below that I like anyway..

(and here you can see two people wearing matching fabric, like I mentioned earlier)

Honestly, I’m just so happy I was invited to that wedding. I absolutely loved the day, it was such an exciting new experience as the wedding was nothing like any I’d ever been to.

Plus, it was great from the point of view of someone who has interests in clothes, of course!

I hope you enjoyed reading.



OOTD: Nigerian Engagement Ceremony

Today I attended the first part of a Nigerian wedding I was invited to. It is known as the engagement party, but as the wedding is tomorrow and the couple have been engaged for a while, it is more a celebration of the wedding to come next. The event seemed to be a string of ceremonies to wish the bride and groom luck and happiness in their marriage, through prayers and blessing from the parents.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and was very honoured to be invited. I had never been to anything like it and it was just brilliant to be immersed into such rich and lovely culture which was all so new to me.

I have almost no photos of today because I filmed most of it, which is a shame because I had hoped to post all about it. Hopefully I’ll have more photos tomorrow. For now, though, I’ll show you what I wore today.

b + w


IMG_1093I love the blossom on the trees. It seems to be everywhere I look, spurting up in lots of places, like it is spurting up in this post.

Dress – Glamourous (bought from Fred’s)

Blazer – Forever 21

IMG_1094IMG_1070 Sandals – Topshop

Nail polish – Rimmel in ‘Sweet as Sugar’


Earrings – Accessorize


Necklace – Accessorize


Tomorrow will be very exciting as well. I have never been to a wedding without my parents, nor a traditional Nigerian wedding, and I am so excited to experience and document the day. I hope I will be able to capture the event and the incredible outfits that will be everywhere, and share it with my lovely readers when I can.